Awesome Air!

We are learning about the importance of air, and uses for air in Science.

What do you know about air?

Air is for us to breathe. -Angad

Air helps the trees grow. -Aazan

The air brings oxygen down to us and trees help us breathe. -Julien

If the wind comes, it’s time for Winter and that’s how new leaves come. -Logan

Oxygen is another word for air and oxygen helps us breathe, the same as air does. -Tessa

Air helps to make water. -Flint

Air cools us off when we get hot. When the fan turbines spin, it creates air to cool us off, like the air outside. -Aryan

Air can help make a small pool, or tires from a car, or bikes, or a basketball. -Savaira

Air keeps us from dying. -Sava

Pink T-Shirt Orders

Anti Bully Week is November 20-24

To help raise awareness about Anti-Bullying, Winona will have Pink shirts available for purchase.
Purchases can be made easily through SchoolCashOnline only, at a cost of $10.00 each.
The shirt order has been extended to October 27th.
When ordering 2 or more IDENTICAL sizes, change the number in the quantity box.
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Stand Up Speak Out

Estimating is fun!

We are learning about estimation. What strategies do you use when you estimate?

Today we estimated how many chocolate coins there are in the jar! I wonder what strategies were used.  We will find out who had the closest estimate on Monday!

Zumba Day!

Tuesday October 24th is Zumba Day! Please pay $1.00 for your child to participate, via School Cash On-line. Don’t forget to wear neon or bright colours and comfortable shoes for Zumba dancing! 😊