Niagara Falls

On the weekend I went to niagra falls. it was my favourite part of the weekend. I got a sovner it is a rainbow 🌈Owl I named her owlet. The lights are so pretty.the snow ❄️ Was coloured to .mia and I had sherbet it was raspberry lemon lime flavoured. her dad had sherbrert in a cone he did not like it. We had pizza🍕Instead of dipping sauce they gave us butter Mia loved it. We went to the pool for a little bit. Mia and I went in the hot tub. We got to guss the elvaters once I won once Mia won.

Math Talk Monday!

Where do you see Math in this picture?

I see 4 cylinders (soup cans). -Baaj

I see Math in this picture because there are price tags. An example is $2.59. -Gavin

I see a pattern: red, green, red, green. -Aazan

I see 2 rectangular prisms (cereal and popcorn), 22 spheres (grapes and apples), I see 5 cylinders (hotdogs) and I see numbers. -Tessa

I see 32 spheres (price tags). -Angad

I see a square. (bologna wrapper) -Quinn

I disagree with Tessa. I see 3 rectangular prisms (cereal, popcorn and bread), and I see 13 cylinders (hotdogs, soup cans, hot dog buns). -Savaira

I see a pattern: purple, green, purple, green. -Ila

I see 1 triangular prism (bunch of grapes) and 5 cylinder tops (bologna and wheels on the shopping cart). -Aryan

I see 12 ovals (eggs). -Avery

I see a box (cereal). -Grady

Snowmen Perspective Art

On Thursday and Friday, we created Snowmen Perspective Art. First, we drew winter symbols on our background paper with a white crayon. Next, we painted over our symbols with blue water colour paint. It was important to paint the lines in the same direction for the best results. Finally, we created our snowmen, using construction paper and light blue chalk. Wait until you see our final products tomorrow! They look amazing! ⛄️